Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is pinplanet?

A: Travelers lack a platform to catalog and showcase their travels, so we’ve created a place to pin past trips and plan new ones. With pinplanet, you’ll finally have all your travel memories in one place. We like to think of pinplanet as a digital travel scrapbook meets trip planner.

Q: Can I leave feedback somewhere?

A: PLEASE! Email us at [email protected] with any thoughts, concerns, or questions you may have. We’re a small team that is always trying to improve the pinplanet experience.

Q: Why aren't my pictures being uploaded from iCloud?

Sorry about that! There seems to be an issue with uploading pictures on iOS 17.0 and 17.1. We recommend you upgrade to iOS 17.2, as it looks to be resolved!

Q: Can I have my business featured on the explore page?

A: Sure! Reach out to us at [email protected].

Q: Why can’t I add one of my friends as a travel buddy on my trip?

A: This probably means that this person isn’t following you back yet. We don’t allow you to add travel buddies that are not currently following you. So, go bug your friend to follow you and it should work. If not, please email us at [email protected].

Q: Why are some of my wishlist places on my profile blue?

A: Blue places indicate that you have been added as a travel buddy on someone else’s trip.

Q: What do I do if I can’t remember the exact dates of my past places?

A: You can leave the date fields blank! Your place will still save with no dates listed.

Q: What does selecting “private” on a place do?

A: If a place is private, it will not be visible to others on their home feed, or on your profile. It will only be visible to you and anyone that's a travel buddy on the pin.

Q: What does selecting “top spot” mean?

A: Top spot is used to designate the top three spots that will show up first on a completed pin.